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21 shocking celebrities makeup mishaps


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21 Shocking Celebrities Makeup Mishaps

Makeup is to enhance beauty and features, and not to ruin it.

You can tell if a makeup artist is good when they pay attention to even the littlest detail.

Trust me, when you step out in bright light, all these mistakes you overlook are seen.

In case you missed out, I combed everywhere for A list celebrities up, close and personal photos of weird and unflattering makeup choices on the red carpet or events.

These celebrities have in fact, at many points had many unflattering makeup mishaps over the years.

1. Taraji P. Henson (2009) for the 13th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala Ceremony.

This is a case of when bad things happen to good people. Peep the bad setting powder just below the eyes. Gives a tacky look.

2. Angelina Jolie (2014) during Normal heart movie premiere.

Looks like she rushed from baking some dough to the red carpet. 

It's still very unclear what the makeup artist was aiming at with the overzealous finishing powder on the jawline, chin, and forehead. This is shoddy makeup work done here.

3. Nicki Minaj (2011) Press event for the American Music Award

Nicki obviously has a weird style but that strip of contouring on the nose is an absolute no. Proper blending would have solved this.

4. Miley Cyrus (2013) to the Maxim Hot 100 Party

Too much translucent powder making Miley Cyrus look like she's got white beards and a mustache. 

5. Melissa John Hart (2013) for music premiere 'Frozen'

The powder is visible on the actress's forehead and nose. 

6. Nicole Kidman (2009) for the movie premiere 'Nine'

Again, powder dilemma.

7. Drew Barrymore

Could the powder overload be intentional? Drew's makeup artist definitely owes the whole world a heartfelt apology. 

8. Nadine Coyle

Nadine suffering from bronzer overload. Bronzer is supposed to give the skin warmth and a subtle sun-kissed glow, not to color the face.

9. Madame Peng Liyau

Finishing powder shouldn't be this dramatic, it's meant to hold your foundation in place.

10. Kelly Osborne

Whose idea was this? Kelly's or her makeup artist? Because everything about this makeup is wrong.

The eye shadow is to add dimension, complement and draw attention to one's eye color. Even though my attention is drawn to Kelly's messy eyes, however not in a good way.

11. Arianna Grande

Arianna, is that you? Why the different shades though?

12. Leighton Meester (2009) for the  American Eagle Outfitters Party

Wrong eye shadow pairing with the lipstick. Quite unflattering. 

13. Taylor Momsen

Haha. I got scared for a moment. Taylor's eyes are quite distracting.

Those unflattering eyes looking like a raccoon.

14. Jennifer Lopez

This look doesn't speak well of the American singer. The makeup artist had a job to do - fill the brows. The overall result of the brows,  eyeshadow, and choice of lipstick is a mess.

15. Tyra Banks

The top model had her barbie doll game gone wrong! This is an eyeshadow mess.

Who even wears an intense lip with a bold eyeshadow?

16. Paris Hilton 

Paris wore a nice red lipstick but still got some on her teeth. Whew!

17. Lily Allen

Lily took it overboard with this eyeshadow shimmering under the eyes.

18. January Jones

January is leaving me rather speechless.

19. Kesha

Looks like an eyeshadow mask. Is this even a style?

20. Kylie Jenner

Is that makeup smear I see on her chest?

Oh, dear.

21. Naomi Campbell

Dear makeup artist, you can do better with the lip liner next time. I get that you're trying to define the lips, but we don't need the line this visible.

Less is sometimes more. Even celebrities who have the resources to hire the best makeup artists have makeup fails so don't feel bad if you've ever had your own. Pay attention to every detail.

See ya!

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