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Before accepting these Terms And Conditions of Use of Our Website and Apps to Collect Jobs As a freelance Beautician, You have already accepted our User Terms and Conditions of Use of our Website and Apps during registration.
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The Website and Apps Mobile Afro hairdressers and Beauty UK(MAHB) is the sole owner of and will be referred to as "MAHB," "we," "us," and "our." All information contained here is to help you interact and get the best out of our service. By visiting our Website, you agree that you will adhere to the terms, conditions, policies, and reminders stated here. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of use of MAHB listed herein might result in your account being banned and fined; legal actions may also be taken.

Our Service
MAHB is a mobile beauty and hairdressing salon that takes beauty treatment to clients. To ensure customer satisfaction, please read these terms and conditions of Use of Our Website and Apps to Collect Jobs As a freelancer. You must understand thoroughly to avoid any disappointment in the future. This Agreement is binding on you now or in the future.

Accessing Our Website and Apps and Account Security
To access MAHB Website and Apps or some of the resources it offers, you will be asked to provide certain registration details or other information. It is a condition of your use of the Website that all the information you provide on the Website is correct, current, and complete. Information collected from you is used to process your booking; some of the details obtained from you may be shared with customers or third parties in the guideline to our privacy policy or fulfil an appointment or booking. You also acknowledge that your account is personal to you and agree not to provide any other person with access to this Website or portions of it using your username, password, or additional security information.

Service Restriction
You are only allowed to use MAHB Website and Apps if you are 16 or above. We reserve the right to limit your use of our site or cancel an appointment if we feel you are unable to fulfil the Appointment, or it is not legit or if we feel it's harmful to our image or service, or for any other reasons.

Phone Number Sharing with our clients.
Beauticians do not pay a monthly subscription fee to MAHB; we only charge MAHB fee per Appointment on MAHB.
Beauticians get booked because we manage admin, promote, and run adverts for our MAHB website on a daily.
Most clients find out about us through our daily adverts.
We do not share our client's phone numbers with our beauticians. You can only communicate with our client here on MAHB only. You can not collect any of our Clients' phone numbers or exchange any form of contact with them when you visit; it is prohibited. Clients can only Rebook beauticians through our website/app only.
NEVER collect/give/share phone numbers or contacts with our client; It is PROHIBITED.
NEVER pay/collect cash from our client; It is PROHIBITED.
A tip can be collected as cash.
Any sharing of phone numbers or contacts with our clients during your visit is prohibited; you will be fined the sum of £2,000, banned, and legal action may be taken.
MAHB will always find out because clients will inform us unknowingly that they contacted a beautician directly outside of MAHB; we will subsequently send you a £2,000 invoice. If you don't pay the invoice within 7 working days, we will take legal action.
We sincerely need your cooperation to avoid any inconvenience.

To enable the smooth running of all services on our MAHB Website and Apps, all transactions are made using the following mediums.
Bookings: All bookings are made on our Website and Apps. Clients make payments when booking using credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.
Online Payments: All appointment payments are made at the time of booking; you must not negotiate a price with the customer.
Cash: You are prohibited from accepting any form of payment/cash for any service, add-ons, or transportation from a client unless it is a tip.

  • You are a freelance beautician taking a freelance job at MAHB and accepting our terms and conditions of use.
  • You pay your Tax yourself to HM Revenue and Customs after you receive payment.
  • You do not have any contract with us.
  • You work as you wish, whenever and however.
  • You are self-employed.
  • You indicate your availability to be booked for a job on MAHB Website and Apps when you open your calendar.
  • You are responsible for your tax return to HMRC AND CUSTOMS.
  • We do not collect Tax from you.

The commission we collect from you is a total of 25% for using our platform of which;

  • 11% is the actual MAHB Fee, which is also subject to a 20+ % Tax return to HMRC
  • 10% goes to the website/platform's monthly operations.
  • Up to 4%- Paypal/credit/debit card charges- 
  • MAHB does not get clients' full payment because the payment processor deducts a transaction fee before depositing the balance into our bank account after 3 working days.

Your Bank Account Set Up on MAHB.
To receive payment every Friday, you must set up your payment details. Kindly go to settings in your dashboard and then payment details.
If you set up a PayPal email address as your payment details, bear in mind that we will be paying from a business account, and PayPal will charge you for receiving money.
Only use PayPal if you do not have a bank account.

MAHB reserves the sole right to remove and delete your account without prior notice. Our termination process will prohibit you from accessing our Website or opening another account under a different name.

You will be banned from MAHB platform if any of the following repeats.
MAHB or MAHB's client is not and will not be responsible for your car park or parking ticket; kindly google the Postcode or ask the client if you are unsure before approving the Appointment.
If you know you will not get to a client's house at the appointed time, kindly let them know 30mins before the appointment time. The client must not call the admin asking about your arrival time; you must update them before time and regularly.
If you cancel an appointment with more than a 72hours notice given to the client and us, you will not receive a warning email and will not be banned.
An appointment booked for same-day service will be considered as an express appointment. Should you wish to cancel, you can do this within 15 minutes after approval, and you will not receive a warning email.
You will not receive a warning email for all bookings cancelled within 15 minutes after approval.
You will receive a warning email if you do not approve your Appointment within an hour or you do not reply to the client's messages within an hour.
You will be banned on our MAHB Platform if you cancel an appointment after approval by you without any sensible reason.
You will be banned on our MAHB platform if you fail to complete an appointment approved by you successfully.
You will be banned on our MAHB platform if there is a last-minute cancellation by you.
You will be banned on our MAHB platform if you fail to attend to your appointments on time or fail to reply to clients' queries and questions about your appointments.
Kindly make sure you provide the client with quality service because you may need to go back to the client's house to rectify any subsequent problem due to poor service, or you will get zero payment. If you have already been paid, MAHB will request the amount back from you. Only approve the services that you are qualified to offer.
Should you not show up at a client's house on the appointment date due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive zero payment and a  warning email.
If you get to a client's house and can not provide the service booked, You will get Zero payment. Kindly check all appointment details, including add-on services, before approval.
You will get Zero payment If the client is not satisfied with your service. You must ask the client if they are happy with their Appointment before leaving the client's house. If the client is not pleased, you must fix the problem before leaving or call the admin immediately.
In a case where a beautician turns up at a Clients' door on the appointment date and time, and the client is unavailable for up to 1hour, You will get a 50% payment of the total booking.
If the client withdraws the Appointment with a 2 hours notice to the appointment time, you will get a 30% payment of the total booking.
If you are up to an hour late to a client, MAHB will refund the client 10% of the total payment, and you will get 90% payment of the full amount.
If you are more than an hour late to a client, the client has the right to request a cancellation, and you will get Zero payment.
The client has the right to cancel their Appointment at any time if you do not arrive at the appointment time.

Every booking fulfilled by you is appreciated by the MAHB team. If for any reason, after the client has booked you, you are no longer available to offer the service, please contact Admin first. We will try our best to reschedule the Appointment with another available beautician if you give us enough notice. We will also appreciate that beauticians cooperate with clients and follow the conditions stated herein.
  • Arrival: You must arrive at your Appointment at least 10minutes before the Appointment scheduled time.
  • Add-ons: Clients can book extra service add-ons like wash hair before, taking out hair before, buying braiding hair extensions, or any additional service. Kindly check the appointment details carefully.
  • Approval of Appointment: Unless the distance is too far, You must approve all appointments booked as a result of your availability based on your calendar/slots and schedule.

  • SMS Notifications: We usually send SMS Booking notifications alongside email notifications. You must make sure your contact number and email are up to date. Kindly contact Admin, if you did not receive SMS.
  • Admin Appointment Rescheduling: If, for reasons beyond your control, you cannot meet up with an appointment, we would appreciate a 72 hours notice to enable us to change your Appointment to a better and more convenient time. This will also allow us to schedule the Appointment with another beautician.
  • Beauticians Appointment Rescheduling: Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If, for any reason, the appointment time the client chooses at the time of booking is not available; You must ensure before approval to ask the client nicely if they are open for an alternative date. Make sure to reach an agreement with them before approval.
  • Rebooking: The client can rebook you or rebook a previously booked appointment at any time by visiting their booking history.
  • Calendar: You must check your calendar regularly and make sure you set them based on your availability.
  • Extra Distance Charges: Booking up to 10miles is booked at a standard service price. The client can still book a beautician who is more than 10miles from them at an additional distance fee per mile.
  • Tip: We do not accept cash payments for services, add-ons, and extra distance charges. But cash can be given to the beautician as tip after the service.
  • Reviews: Beauticians with good reviews get more bookings on our platform, ensure to provide the client with the best service, make sure they are pleased and ask the client nicely to remember to write a review for you when you mark the Appointment as completed. We usually send an automated review button immediately when you mark the job as completed by clicking the complete button.
  • Address: Kindly update your address when you move home to avoid far-distance bookings.
  • Know how to find your way around the UK using google maps and transport for London; this is crucial as you will be travelling to clients.

  • When an appointment has additional services(addon) especially braiding hair extensions, you will provide enough braiding hair extensions to complete that style, relaxer, conditioner, or any product addon bought by the client.
  • The reasons why addon prices are more than the market price:
  • We use 3rd party to collect any money clients pay on MAHB or any online website (PayPal/Stripe)transactions. The 3rd parties charge up to 5% of the total payments. This is why MAHB admin fee will also apply to addons and extra distance charges.
  • In most cases, the beautician travels a day before to buy the hair; the beautician will incur expenses.
  • If the beautician buys on their way to the client, they will have to stop by a shop or go through another route before going to the client's home; they will incur expenses.
  • Therefore, you are only going to the client with enough, so you don't run out, Meaning if there is a leftover, you will take them with you home.
  • Please Note: You don't need to provide braiding hair extension, relaxer, conditioner, etc. If your booking has no addon, it means the client has their hair extensions or products.

Kindly go with all tools, equipment, and products expected to be provided by the beautician for the service.

You must write an excellent professional background profile that will encourage a client to book you.
No Instagram, facebook business name, Price, or contact phone number.

Profile Picture
  • You must only upload a clear portrait profile picture.
  • A profile picture must be an image of you.
  • The profile picture must be a portrait picture.
  • No full body picture, only headshots.
  • It must be a clear picture.
  • A passport picture is preferable since it looks more professional, a clear selfie can be acceptable.
  • No blurry picture.
  • No filtered picture.
  • No watermark or logo on any image you upload on MAHB Website and Apps.

  • You must have a great portfolio; an organised and clear portfolio is crucial.
  • A portfolio must be a picture of your work only.
  • It must be clear.
  • Must be a portrait if it is a hair, makeup or beauty portfolio
  • Must be a clean picture
  • No selfie pictures in the portfolio
  • No full-body picture
  • No picture in a messy background
  • High-quality pictures.
  • No blurry picture.
  • No watermark or logo on any picture uploaded on MAHB website and apps

You must select at least one service to submit an application. You must choose services that are included in your portfolio only. If you can't find a service you offer, send us an email.

Experience Level
Choose your experience level carefully.

Make sure you write all your speciality with picture proof in your portfolio.

Appointment steps explained
  • You will receive an appointment email notification or SMS notification, or both.
  • You visit MAHB websites/ apps.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET, don't be quick to approve; click on the Appointment to open the entire Appointment.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET; check the address, check the date, check the time, and make sure you are available to offer the service to the client.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET; if you are not available, do not approve, and do not ignore. You must act.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET, start a chat with the client, apologise for opening your calendar when you are not available, offer them another day or time, or both. Ask them to give you another day or time or both. Ask nicely.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET; reach an agreement first with the customer. After you reach an agreement email or call Admin to update the appointment date or time or both.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET; CONTACT ADMIN. To contact Admin kindly use a support ticket, or direct message on that chat section addressed to Admin, or you can call. Contact details are available on the MAHB contact page.
  • DO NOT APPROVE YET; you must not approve any appointment you are not available to offer due to distance or for any other reason.
  • You must start a conversation after approving an appointment to further guarantee the customer of the Appointment. You can say "Hello Thank you for booking with me, see you on the 15th at @2pm. Thanks, Katie."
  • You can ask for more details about the Appointment ONLY.
  • You must check any appointment details before approval, including the PRICE.
  • You must NOT ask the client for a towel, brush, makeup or any tools and equipment that is expected to be provided by you.
  • You must attend the Appointment with all Tools and equipment clean and nicely packed.
  • If the Appointment is for HAIR BRAIDING, you can ask clients to ask Admin to buy braiding hair as add-ons; if they have their hair and did not purchase a pre-stretched braiding hair extension, kindly stretch the hair when you arrive. But you can ask them nicely in case they have not purchased yet.
  • Any problem kindly ask the customer to contact Admin or, you can send Admin a message or open a support ticket.
  • Plan your journey in advance to avoid lateness.
  • Visit the client's home with all clean tools and equipment needed for that service.
  • After the job is done, Mark the Appointment as completed.
  • The client can rate your service.
  • Remember to set up your payment details in the account setting.
  • You get all payments for that week on the Friday of that same week.
  • Your cooperation is highly needed for smooth operation.

Client Privacy
  • You must respect client privacy.
  • You must NOT take kids or any plus one to a client's home.
  • You must NOT take the client's belongings.
  • You must NOT ask the client to describe their address; kindly plan your journey in advance, if you are lost call Admin.
  • You must NOT bother the client at all until you are in front of their door.
  • You must ensure to complete appointments smoothly and professionally without hiccups.
  • Any problem, kindly use our 24/7 online chat available on our website to get a quick response in minutes.

It is imperative to Mark a client Appointment as Completed ONLY when you step out of their house.
Only mark Appointment as completed immediately you leave a client house not when you are still with the client. This will notify MAHB that you have left the client's house. It will also be helpful to write on the chat section to the client, " I AM IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE" before you knock to log yourself in their house. Our accountant only pays for a completed appointment on Fridays.

The following will help You
Our 24/7 online chat available on our Website only will normally ask first-time users for their name and email, including phone number. Kindly visit our online chat and start a live chat to register your name and email in the chat section. This way, in an emergency, if you are lost and can not find your way or for any urgent reasons, you can access the online chat in a few seconds.

Contact us
If you have any questions or comments regarding these terms and conditions of use of our Website and Apps to collect jobs, kindly send us an email to [email protected]