MAHB Application Guideline| Mobile Afro Hairdressers And Beauty Booking Platform UK MAHB Application Guideline

Please NOTE:
  • MAHB is a professional website; therefore, clients will expect professional service.
  • Please DO NOT take your child/children to a client's house.
  • No, plus one to a client's home.
  • Take clean tools and equipment to the client's home.
  • Do not ask the client to provide any product/tools/equipment that is expected for the beautician to provide.
  • You must find your way using Google Maps or other journey planner apps. If you need directions, do not disturb the client call admin.
  • Always message the client to confirm their addresses  again immediately after you approve the appointment.
  • In the morning  at least 2 hours before you set out kindly message the client " Good day Ella, hope you are well, i will see you today at 10am. Thanks" 
  • Be professional.
  • Lateness is prohibited.
  • Always turn up smartly dressed to your appointment.
  • Respect the client's privacy.
  • Your co-operation is highly needed to maintain the quality of our service.

You must write an excellent professional background profile that will encourage a client to book you. No Instagram, Facebook business name, Price, or contact phone number. 
You must register with your First Name And Last Name, Date of birth, Telephone number, and Residential address.

  • You must select at least one service to submit an application. 
  •  You must also select all services you want to offer on MAHB platform carefully.
  •  Only select services you are qualified and confident to deliver.
  • You must choose services that are included in your portfolio only. 
  • If you can't find a service you offer, send us an email.

Choose your experience level carefully.

Make sure you write all your speciality with picture proof in your portfolio.

  • You must only upload a clear portrait profile picture.
  • A profile picture must be an image of you.
  • The profile picture must be a portrait picture.
  • No full body picture, only headshots.
  • It must be a clear picture.
  • A passport picture is preferable since it looks more professional, a clear selfie can be acceptable.
  • No blurry picture.
  • No filtered picture.
  • No watermark or logo on any image you upload on MAHB Website and Apps.
  • The picture background must be clean and plain, with no other image showing behind you.

After approval, do not upload any image/PORTFOLIO  with a watermark on MAHB PLATFORM

  • You must have a great portfolio; an organised and clear portfolio is crucial.
  • Your portfolio must be a picture of your work only.
  • It must be clear.
  • Must be a portrait if it is a hair, makeup or beauty portfolio
  • It must be a clean and clear  picture
  • No selfie pictures  of you in your  portfolio
  • No full-body picture unless you are a photographer.
  • No picture in a messy background(Edit all messy backgrounds out)
  • High-quality pictures.
  • No blurry picture.
  • At least more than 15 images to encourage booking.
  • No watermark or logo on any photo uploaded on MAHB website and apps; it is PROHIBITED

  • You must add a link to your Instagram or Facebook  or both in other to help us verify your portfolio uploaded on MAHB Platform.
  • Do not write your social media link  anywhere else apart from the  social media box 
  • We do not share your social media handle with our clients.

  • Only input your phone number in the number box ONLY.
  • Do not write your phone number  anywhere else apart from the phone number box 
  • We do not share your phone number with our clients.

Beauticians are not allowed to collect cash for services or add-on on MAHB unless it is a Tip.

NEVER ask /collect/give/share PHONE NUMBER with MAHB Clients, WhatsApp number, email address, Social media handle, or any contact details at any time or during visits.

Never write your phone number or email address in your Appointment note section or during online messages on our platform.

You CAN NOT speak to our Clients over the phone.
You CAN NOT contact our Clients privately.

It is PROHIBITED! You may be banned, fined up to £2000, or legal action may be taken.

MAHB Clients can ONLY re-book Beauticians on MAHB's Platform ONLY.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about the MAHB beautician application guideline, please contact us.

Your application will be rejected if you do not follow all of the above guidelines.