DETANGLING PROCESS: 7 Steps to Painless Hair Detangling + Products

DETANGLING PROCESS: 7 Steps to Painless Hair Detangling + Products

  • DETANGLING PROCESS: 7 Steps to Painless Hair Detangling

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  • It makes sense to care for your 'hard' grown hair jealously and not cause unnecessary damage, split and finally break off due to a detangling process that went wrong. Let's show you how to keep that new growth without damaging your hair by going through this simple detangling process:

  • Don't Comb!
  • Don't comb your hair immediately. You take out the braids. We often think that combing the knots out of the hair is the easiest way to detangle the hair, but that's not true. Combing is the last step of the hair detangling process. Dry hair tends to break when combed because it will not stretch as much.

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  • Don't split Open
  • Make sure you don't split open the knots in your hair. This action can further detangle your hair and damage it. Forcing the knots open by splitting may seem harmless, but your hair definitely won't maintain its former length by doing this. So be cautious.

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  • Wet and condition your hair
  • This is most ideal for detangling. Water and conditioner lubricate the hair, making it very easy to detangle. The more slippery the hair, the easier it is for your comb, brush or fingers to slide through it.  

  • Detangle Hair in Single loosen plaits or in Sections

  • If you are hoping to detangle your natural hair altogether, apply detangler in each loosen plaits whilst applying generously to the knot areas or in sections. Separate your hair into 3-4 sections to make the process easier. Walk your way from one to another one at a time to ensure that you get to all parts of your hair. Sectioning your hair also allows you to separate the already detangled hair from the hair that has not been detangled. Try to use plastic clips to separate the hair, as some bands may pull the hair out.

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  • Massage and Detangle with Finger

  • Now massage hair after applying the Hair Detangling products gently to make the detangle concentrate well into hair. Use fingertips for loosening single plaits to massage and separate hair carefully. Use your fingers to loosen the knots (especially the bigger knots ) and run them through your hair to pull them apart gently. 

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  • Work from the tips to the root

    Begin the detangling process from the ends of your hair and work your way gently to the root. Starting the detangling process from the roots will damage your hair because it will further tangle the other section of the hair. Hence, detangle upward and not downward. Be gentle with your hair, making sure to hold the ends of your hair with one hand and detangle with the opposite. Continue this process until all sections are detangled.

  • Comb in Sections
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to comb hair or a proper hairbrush. Using a fine-tooth comb will pressure the hair, cause damage and make the detangling process a little more complicated. Comb or brush hair in sections first before combing hair altogether. Make sure your hair is detangled and free of knots before you wash it with shampoo. Avoid starting the detangling process all over again. 

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