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Professional Makeup Artist and YouTuber shares perfect eyebrow tutorial secret


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Professional Makeup Artist and YouTuber shares perfect eyebrow tutorial secret

It is interesting to know that regardless of all the powder and lipstick applications, an eyebrow not appropriately done will definitely affect the overall look of the eyes and face shape. This is fundamental to getting an appealing makeup look.

While some have naturally arched eyebrows that require little effort when filling, some do not. Getting perfectly arched eyebrows can be a tussle for a lot of people, because of the precision involved. Some people can conveniently do other makeup except the brows.

Your eyebrows have a fast growth cycle, therefore it is important that you inspect them often to know when best to trim them. In the event that they're too long or bushy, trim carefully and neatly with a pair of scissors or tweezers to give them less hair

With these helpful tips on how to get a perfect eyebrow from professional makeup artist TheBeauticianChic, you can get to be a pro too.

Below are the products she used to achieve a stunning eyebrow look.

Razorblade, spoolie,  brushes, clean mascara wand, small scissors, translucent powder, wedges sponge, mac brow wax (red chestnut), Rimmel brow pencil (black-brown), creamy foundation (darker one + lighter one), and creamy concealer Rimmel brow pencil (dark brown)

Watch this YouTube video from our beauty expert on how to define your eyebrows like a professional. With a lot of practice, you'll get better.

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