Top 10 black beauty bloggers in Uk| YouTube content creators in the UK

Top 10 black beauty bloggers in Uk| YouTube content creators in the UK
Dec 28, 2019

Top 10 black beauty bloggers/ YouTube content creators in the UK

The beauty industry is filled with numerous talented women and men from around the world. 

Are you looking for trendy hairstyles, hottest makeup looks, or body-positive influencers to follow? Then look no further as I will be presenting the top 10 beauty bloggers in the UK, in no particular order.

Patricia Bright - @thepatriciabright (887k Instagram followers)

She’s a successful Beauty and fashion blogger/vlogger and makeup and style who has earned more than 2.8 million subscribers on her youtube channel. In addition to her success as a beauty influencer, she also has a bestseller book titled: Heart & Hustle: Use Your Passion. Build Your Brand. Achieve Your Dreams.

Sharmadean Reid MBE - @sharmadeanreid (29.5k followers)

Sharmadean is a beauty industry pioneer and the founder of WAH Nails just at the age of 24!! She’ also an author of 3 amazing books

Nia - @niatehelight (426k Instagram followers) 

  She's the founder of @HappyFroday and a pro-natural hair. She vocalizes her natural hair journey began with her accepting her beautiful natural curls. She encourages women of color to accept and embrace their imperfections.

Dee-Ann Kentish – Rogers - @astoldby_dee (7.9k Instagram followers)

Dee-Ann is a British model and beauty influencer. She was crowned Miss Universe GB in 2018 and was the first black woman to win this title. When she won this title, she aimed to break the usual standards of beauty.

Leomie Anderson - @leomieanderson (190k Instagram followers)

  Leomie Anderson is a black British model and rose to stardom as the first model to be featured on the Fenty campaign. She was never afraid to stand up in her belief of expanding cosmetics line to compliment black females.

Stephanie Yeboah @nerdaboutown (19.3k Instagram followers)

Stephanie is a plus-sized influencer who is all about body positivity and body acceptance. She’s an advocate for all body sizes and types. Who wouldn’t love her !!

Shirley B. Eniang @shirleybeniang (480k Instagram followers)

Shirley is a beauty influencer and was one of the first to blow in the UK with her beauty videos and as an advocate for darker shades.

Chichi @Thebeauticianchic(121.9k Instagram followers) 

  We cannot forget about our popping Queen Thebeauticianchic, who’s a makeup artist, a hairstylist who specializes in all skin tones. She has a growing youtube channel with 500k plus subscribers. She has also expanded her business to a clothing line, beauty agency, and talk platform to promote other companies called the boss chic corner.  

Jennie Jenkins - @thejenniejenkins (413k Instagram followers)

  Jennie is a beauty influencer based in London and is a firm believer in being comfortable in your skin and appearance.

@Kaisercoby(316k Instagram followers)

Kaiser Coby graced us with her beauty by releasing her natural makeup tutorial, which went quickly viral on youtube. She’s a beauty and fashion influencer, with a growing number of subscribers on Youtube. She’s also a fashion blogger