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Why you're probably not wearing synthetic wigs anymore


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Why you're probably not wearing synthetic wigs anymore 

Back in the days, when the wig trend started, many of us were excited about the synthetic wig because that was what we had. It was quite affordable for all. But all of a sudden, synthetic hair fizzled out and we may have to confirm that it has gone out of style and replaced by human hair wigs. Even though human hair wigs are pricey, they appear to be more preferred by many.

Let me tell you why ...

Even though synthetic hair may try to look as natural as possible, the truth is that, since they were not made of real human hair, the quality begins to reduce over time. Synthetic wigs are only good for short-term wigs.  A synthetic wig typically lasts for about 4 - 6 months if worn every day. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair if well maintained has a longer life span of one to two years. It is almost impossible to have your synthetic hair wig in good shape after washing. 

Human wigs are comfortable, light, less shiny and look more natural. The feel or texture of synthetic hair is definitely different from the human hair wig. Synthetic hair wigs have unnatural and glazy shine.

Synthetic wigs have a low tolerance for high temperature. They should not be straightened or curled with heated styling tools, steam, or any source of high temperature to avoid melting. On the other hand, human hair wigs can be rolled, straightened, and curled to any desired style.

The natural hair can be recolored multiple times to suit your taste. You definitely cannot to that with synthetic wigs because the dye colour will not adhere to the fiber the wig is made of. The synthetic hair is made out of fibers (such as acrylic or nylon) put through chemical processing responsible for the colour and texture.

Before you make your decision, remember that good synthetic hair looks better than a poor quality human hair wig. 

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