Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions


Do you provide the braiding hair extensions?

Yes, we do.

It's optional; you can add any additional services, including braiding hair extensions, in the booking step2.

If you did not buy an add-on service (in step 2), kindly wash, blow-dry, detangle and buy your hair extensions before the beautician arrives. Kindly let us know if your beauty service or hair is challenging, and attach a picture in step 6. Kindly let us know of any special requirements for your booking in step 6. If you bought an add-on(in step 2), i.e., hair colour, hair extensions, Kindly write the colour here. Kindly let us know in step 6 if you will be providing your hair extensions and if they are Pre-stretched. If you already have your product or hair extensions, kindly attach a picture in step 6, so the stylist can confirm if it's the right hair /product suitable for the style to avoid any hiccups. You must also attach the full picture/pictures of the style or final look/looks you want to achieve in step 6.

About US| MAHB

Mobile Afro Hairdressers Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11773637.
Registered office address:
Unit C 25b Park Hall Trading Centre, 40 Martell Road, London, SE21 8EN.

We are a United kingdom based MOBILE AFRO HAIRDRESSERS and BEAUTY 24/7 online booking platform. We provide clients with a platform where they can book mobile freelance beauticians through our online, professional, secure, easy to use, effortless, and up-to-date Website and Apps. We realise a real demand for hairstylists, makeup artists, and beauty services; clients are looking to get more home services. Hence, we allow women to work based on their availability while offering the very best service, customer care, and satisfaction. 

We understand time is money, and many women work from home, study, have kids, and most times don't even have 3 hours to travel to and fro a salon. Don't worry; we are bringing the Salon to you, offering comfort, quality service, and affordability at the same time. This way, you can work online, study, look after the kids, and still get your beauty treatments anywhere in the United Kingdom. Our online payment system was enabled, so you don't even need to leave home for CASH after service. All our freelance beauticians are experienced and offer the best services; we only approve beauticians who meet our standard and follow our terms and conditions of use. 

MAHB is the largest and the No. 1 Mobile Afro Hairdressing and beauty online booking platform in the United Kingdom. We are a 24/7 beauty online booking platform that puts customers in control; lets you book preferred times and beauticians that suit you. Find professional beauticians around you quickly, Prepay for your appointment; so you do not need to go out for cash after your home appointment. You can filter beauticians and save to your favourite, and rebook previously booked appointments at any time. 

MAHB allows you to write reviews and read reviews by our customers to help you make booking decisions. You will be able to add an appointment to your calendar, so you do not forget. Book any time of the day, 24/7 access. Book in advance to secure your appointment. Professional service at home anywhere in the United Kingdom. Get push notifications on our Apps, so you never forget an appointment.

MAHB is a customer focused brand hence, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We also offer 24/7 online chat support on our Website to serve you more.

If you need more information about MAHB, please contact us


During this COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure your health and safety during this challenging time in line with the government guidelines.

We are taking the following health and safety measures; our hygiene measure will remain in place.

All our tools will be cleaned and sanitized before each visit.

Our beauticians will be wearing a safety mask and gloves for your safety and ours too.

Please also wear your mask and gloves to protect our beauticians during the visit.

One adult only in the room/garden where service will be carried out.

Our beauticians will wash and sanitize their hands upon arrival.

If you have any high fever/temperature symptoms, please do not make any booking as our beauticians are also not allowed to work if they have any fever symptoms. 

You can cancel at any time for a full refund or reschedule if you feel sick after booking an appointment, Refund  Terms and conditions applies.

Our services will continue to run safely.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

MAHB Management.

Beauticians are not in my area| They are too far

Didn’t you find your desired service? No beautician within 10miles from you? Don’t worry; you can request for a custom appointment, even if you are far from our beauticians. Kindly Login and send us a custom appointment request using the custom appointment button in our book appointment section.

I can't find my required service | service not listed

Didn’t you find your desired service? No beautician within 10miles from you? Don’t worry; you can request for a custom appointment, even if you are far from our beauticians. Kindly Login and send us a custom appointment request using the custom appointment button in our book appointment section.

How do I write A review for a Beautician

You can only write a review for a Beautician after you book the beautician, and they complete the appointment.

The review button is available in the appointment chat section; you can find the review button by clicking on the completed appointment.

When you book a Beautician, they click on Approve to approve the booking. And after your service is done, the Beautician click Completed.

A review button is only available to your dashboard each time you book, and the beautician marks your job as completed. Your review will be on their profile.

Booking Enquiries

You can book a member of our team for home service here at

All  beauticians on Mobile Afro Hairdressers and Beauty (MAHB) are professionals and approved by MAHB.

Direct link to

Check services, prices, availability, staff portfolio and book appointment.

It is easy and safe!

What if the beautician did not Approve my appointment after booking/payment?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If for any reason, the beautician you choose at the time of booking is no longer available to provide the service, we will ensure to reschedule with another available beautician. If there is no available beautician, we will refund payment in full.

Can I take My child or plus 1 to the client's House?

No, You can not take your child or any plus one to the client's house. Also, the client must not allow staff to come to their home with kids or a plus one.

How does Beauticians copy their direct profile/booking link to use on social media Bio?

To copy your direct booking link or link to your profile, you can do so by 

  • Login to your dashboard.
  • Go to My profile.
  • At the top left side, if you are on the Pc.
  • You will find  PROFILE LINK
  • You can copy are Share.

I am a Beautician Is My Full address public when people search me?

No, Beauticians full addresses are not visible to the public.

If you click view, it will show your full address because you are viewing your profile as yourself.

Please copy the profile URL, At the top right-hand side in your dashboard.

And paste on another browser, it will show you how others see you.

Alternatively, Please register as client as well with another email address and find yourself.

If this continues, Maybe it's how you entered your address; please edit in the right format and save, then check again.

Is this a black owned business?

Yes MAHB is 100% black owned.

How do i book an appointment ?

Sign up with your email, phone number,  and address to find your nearest Beauticians.

Select your desired service and choose your required slot

Select  beautician and complete payment. 

That's all. 

You're done.

How far do you travel?

We have our Beauticians in all cities in the United Kingdom. Our nearest Beautician  will come to you anywhere in Uk. You can even pay extra to book someone who is located more than 10miles from your address.

Can you accommodate large wedding parties?

Yes, we take group bookings for large wedding parties, events, etc.

In group of 4, 5,6 7,8,9, etc

Can I book in advance?

 Booking more than 24hours in advance allow Beauticians enough time to approve your booking and plan their journey.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment by Email, by phone , in person and online. Reservations for your appointment are held with an online prepayment.

Do you require a deposit?

All online bookings are paid in full at the time of booking, we do not accept cash payments.

Why do you take full payment at the time of booking?

All online bookings must be prepaid because our beauticians do not accept cash payment.

How do I contact my Beautician/Client after booking?

There is a chat section under each appointment where you can communicate with Beauticians or clients. We do not accept contact number sharing between clients and staff. All communication is monitored for smooth customer experience and to avoid any misunderstanding between Beauticians and Clients.

For more details about booking steps check here:

Any problem? contact admin HERE

Can I contact my Beautician/Clients through phone?

Phone numbers sharing is not allowed; MAHB will not be responsible for any arrangement or re-arrangement made over the phone. Please chat on MAHB so we can use it for future reference. Beauticians should send an arrival message 5mins before you are at the client's door, as chat may take 2mins for the message to deliver. Any problem call admin

Why Registration before booking ?

We use your location to calculate beauticians distance and availability. As such, you can only book an appointment online by signing up HERE

I want to join your team, how does it work?

It's free to join our Freelancer Beautician team; you only pay 20% when you work.

Register with your email, name, address, phone number, etc

No Instagram, Facebook business name, or contact number in about section.

Ones approve, you will be able to set your availability, calender, and slots. You work as you wish, you can turn on or turn off your calendar. You are your boss.

The client can only book you at a standard rate,  if your location is 10miles or less. They pay extra for more than 10 miles.

20% of all sales go to admin; this includes card/PayPal online transaction charges, advertisements, administrative, and maintenance fees.

Due to the nature of our business and to guarantee customer satisfaction and privacy policy. All online payments stay with us and are paid to Beauticians on the Friday after the job is marked as completed; this allows all online payment to clear into our account.

How can i join your beautician team?

You can join our team by sending your application; ones approved, you will start taking online bookings straight away.

Apply  HERE
How do I make a group booking for my wedding party, occasion, events and other custom appointment ?

You can use anything else button or custom booking section at the bottom of the appointment section on your client dashboard or send us an email with all the details.

  • Service
  • Location
  • How many Beauticians required?
  • Time and date 
How do I delete my account with MAHB?

Should in case you want to delete your MAHB account in the future. You could do so by contacting us