Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions


Can I take My child or plus 1 to the client's House?

No, You can not take your child or any plus one to the client's house. Also, the client must not allow staff to come to their home with kids or a plus one.

I am registered as staff, Is My Full address public when people search me?

No, Staff full addresses are not visible to the public.

If you click view, it will show your full address because you are viewing your profile as yourself.

Please copy the profile URL, At the top right-hand side in your dashboard.

And paste on another browser, it will show you how others see you.

Alternatively, Please register as client as well with another email address and find yourself.

If this continues, Maybe it's how you entered your address; please edit in the right format and save, then check again.

Booking Enquiries

You can book a member of our team for home service here at

All of the staff on mobile afro hairdressers and beauty (MAHB) are qualified and approved.

Direct link to

Check services, prices, availability, staff portfolio and book appointment.

It is easy and safe!

I Want to Film for MAHB YOUTUBE Channel

Yes, You can film at our studio.

It's free if you are filming for our youtube channel to promote your work. 

To book;

Please provide us with a date suitable for you and your model. 

10 am preferable 

Mondays to Thursdays.

Please email us with a date and time, and we will book it for you. 








What if the beautician/stylist did not Approve my appointment after booking/payment.

All online bookings are paid for in full at the time of booking.

However, for any reason, the beautician/stylist could not provide the service; You will be notified as soon as possible, and full payment will be refunded.

What if the beautician/stylist did not Approve my appointment after booking/payment?

All online bookings are paid for in full at the time of booking.

However, for any reason, the beautician/stylist could not provide the service; You will be notified as soon as possible, and full payment will be refunded.

Male Client/Male Staff

Due to the nature of our Job, because we offer home service only; We do not accept male client / male staff.

Who are you?

We are United kingdom based  MOBILE AFRO HAIRDRESSERS AND BEAUTY agency. Providing client and staff a platform where they can  connect with one another, through our one of a kind online professional up to date website. We understand time is money ,and a lot of women work from home ,some have kids ,and most times don't even have 3 hours to travel to and fro a salon. Don't worry we are bringing the Saloon to you ,offering comfort ,quality and affordability at the same time .This way you can work online, look after the kids and still get your beauty treatments any where in the UK .Our online payment system was intended so you don't even need to leave home for CASH after service.

Is this a black owned business?

Yes MAHB is 100% black owned.

How do i book an appointment ?

Sign up with your email and add your location to find your nearest Beauticians

Select your desired service and choose your required slot

Select high rated beautician and complete payment. 

That's all. 

You're done.

How far do you travel?

We have our team in all cities in the United Kingdom. Our nearest team member will come to you anywhere in Uk. You can even pay extra to book someone who is located more than 20miles from your address.

Can you accommodate large wedding parties?

Yes, we take group bookings for large wedding parties, events, etc.

In group of 4, 5,6 7,8,9, etc

How soon in advanced should I book my beauty services?

Some of our team members work part-time, booking more than 24hours in advance allow them time to approve your booking and plan their journey.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment by Email, by phone , in person and online. Reservations for your appointment are held with an online prepayment.

Do you require a deposit?

All online bookings are paid in full at the time of booking, we do not accept cash payments.

Why do you take full payment at the time of booking?

All online bookings must be prepaid because our beauticians do not accept cash payment.

How do i contact my stylist or staff after booking?

There is a chat section under each appointment where you can communicate with staff or clients. We do not accept contact number sharing between clients and staff. All communication is monitored for smooth customer experience and to avoid any misunderstanding between client and team.

Any problem? contact admin HERE

Can I contact my stylist or my client through phone?

Phone numbers sharing is not allowed; MAHB will not be responsible for any arrangement or re-arrangement made over the phone. Please chat here so that we can use for future reference. Please send an arrival message 5mins before you are at the client's door, as it may take 2mins for the message to deliver. Any problem call admin

Why registration before booking ?

We use your location to calculate staff distance and availability. As such, you can only book an appointment online by signing up HERE

I want to join your team, how does it work?

Its free to join our team, you only pay 20% when you work. 

Register with your email, name, address, phone number, etc

No Instagram, facebook, business name, or contact number in about section.

Ones approve, you will be able to set your availability, calender, and slots. You work as you wish, you can turn on or turn off your calendar. You are your boss.

The client can only book you if your location is 20miles or less. They pay extra for more than 20 miles.

20% of all sales go to admin; this includes card/PayPal online transaction charges, advertisements, administrative, and maintenance fees.

Due to the nature of our business and to guarantee customer satisfaction and privacy policy. All online payments stay with us and are paid to staff on the Friday after the job is marked as completed.

We payout to staff every Friday; this allows all online payment to clear into our account.

How can i join your beautician team?

You can join our team by sending your application; ones approved, you will start taking online bookings straight away.

Apply  HERE
How does staff copy their direct profile link to use on social media, just incase they want to ?

To copy your direct booking link or link to your profile, you can do so by 

  • Log into your dashboard.
  • Go to My profile.
  • At the top left side, if you are on the Pc.
  • You will find  PROFILE LINK
  • You can copy are Share.

How do I make a group booking for my wedding party, occasion, and events?

You can use anything else button or custom booking section button at the bottom of the appointment section on your client dashboard or send us an email with all the details.

  • Service
  • Location
  • How many staff 
  • Time and date 
How do I delete my account with MAHB?

Should in case you want to delete your MAHB account in the future. You could do so by clicking on the setting section located at the top right side of your dashboard. Click on contact info, then close my account will be at the bottom.